Saturday, April 17, 2010

Shaman Gallery ~ New Exibit

The debut of my new piece "Plant Thing" in teal is on display here: SHAMAN ENTRANCE
Take a left at the entry point to see my outfits displayed in the Fashion room.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Classic Gallery


World of Art & Fashion NEW DIGS

WOW! What a great place... Here is a bit about the artists:
If you have not had time to visit World of Art & Fashion lately, now would be a good time.
Our 6 wonderful artist are going out of their ways to display their beautiful art.

Zoree Jupiter's colorful paintings are a visual joy of colors and imagination. She uses acrylics, water colors and many other materials to produce her art pieces.

Soul Yheng's nudes and nature photos and paintings are a tribute to the beauty of the human body. He captures the details of the feminine beauty and reveals its subtlety and sensuality.

Sandralee Palianta is an incredible fashion designer who's incredibly beautiful dresses and hats will make any woman wanting more. Both elegant and sexy, it is truly superb fashion. Sandralee is also a marvelous painter. Her painted wine boxes are a must see in our gallery.

Filthy Fluno has made his marks in the real world with multiple shows. His resume would make the envy of many artists. His incredibly inspired and elaborate paintings are both colorful and incredibly rich in tones. He will not only provide you with a beautiful sl piece but also its rl equivalent.

Tosha Bergan's mysticism is strongly revealed in her beautiful paintings and photography. She displays her spiritual in beautiful fantasy tones and colorful themes. Her nature photography is equally delightful.

Nicci Winsmore's photography has been with her for a long time. She has also created wonderful sketches of personalities from the real world over the years. She has brought together a large collection of natural landscapes as well as city landscapes.