Tuesday, February 28, 2012

LIVE Caoilte Skytower at Artist's Reception for Elin Egoyan


Caoilte Skytower (pronounced "Queel-chah") is Irish, Scottish, English and American Folk/Rock, all tied together with his incredible voice and skills on guitar!  He has been involved in music for 35 years, performing folk and rock music in RL pubs and cafe's since he was 21. Cao has been active in various reniassance and folk festivals over the years, as well as other events. His voice is relaxing, as described by his fans. This opinion makes him feel honored, as he stated, "The songs I sing mean a lot to me, and it comes across in my delivery."  Cao finds it important to truly connect with his audience, making them laugh at his humorous songs, clap along with the drinking songs, sing along with the classics, and even cry at the sad ones. 


Elin’s creativity has to find his way out and 
she does that in one of her passions: painting.

The use of the material decides the technique.
With pastel (crayon) she makes portraits. Meanly ethnical faces and faces witch show an emotion.

The acryl paintings strike because of the use of
bright and harmonious colours. Often she tries
to tell a story with them or show a certain emotion. Her intuition and inner emotion are her guide. She floats with the motion and colours in the painting through which there are waves of colour and harmony coming
of the canvas.

Since a while Elin also makes digital art with the same use of bright colors and forms.

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