Thursday, March 8, 2012

2spS Gallery OPEN!

Soul Yheng and Sandralee Palianta have created a gallery together - called 2SPS. The meaning behind the name: we each have the initials of SP [in RL]
Steven A. Page and Sandra Lee Palmer:

We met in Second Life several years ago at another gallery and one thing led to another, now we live together with the big black dog named Gigabyte in Southwestern South Dakota, in the Black Hills OMG is it nice up here!

We bring our love for the arts inworld and encourage others, too! We have set aside a special room for a guest artist. From my experience, it's going to be hard to decide on just one. There is an inspiring amount of creative enthusiasm in SL.  <--that's the main gallery where we work and play  <--that's where Soul Yheng will be guest artist for March 2012 <--that's the Gallery of the Perfect Form on Star Journey  <-- Black & White Installation by Sandra Lee and Tricia Aferdita  <--that's the basement studio in SoHo

Each piece is an extension of my artistic vision. My work is influeneced by the natural world and our place in it, the beauty of the human form and the reflection of that in nature. I will do custom orders, if you have a design idea or would like a piece to match your decor let me know. Custom framing is available. Studio available for profile or other photos.

I have a B.S. degree in Graphic Design and an M.A. in Photography.

I was chosen as a photographer for the "America 24/7" project for the state of South Dakota and have several photographs published in the South Dakota book.
My work has been published in books, national magazines and in postcards and calendars. Many pieces are hanging in private homes and collections.


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